LAURIE represents a low-risk approach to continuous professional development of psychiatrists using low-fidelity simulations of patients. The presented set of Virtual Patients suffering from schizophrenia and other psychotic diseases are either inspired by real-world patients or presents imaginary interactive stories.

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Recent virtual patient cases

Complexity of polypharmacological treatment in a case of resistant schizophrenia


"Please come in," Angela's father says, and you walk into Angela's dark house with him. The shutters are closed, there is a bad smell. When you adjust to the dark, you see piles of dirty shoes and clothes everywhere. There are countless shoe boxes in the middle of the room. Angela is sitting on the sofa, with a modest attitude, her head bowed, her gaze fixed downwards. You ask questions about how she feels and her worries. "The neighbours are watching me, they want to hurt me," she whispers. Can you help her?

author: Dott. Giovanna Todarello, MD, Psychiatry Unit, Dipartimento Salute Mentale ASL Bari (Italy), publicated: 18.02.2022

A sixteen-year-old Colombian lost in Spain

Social fobia

"Stop talking in my head!" 16-year-old Viktor shouts. In the middle of the night, he stands alone in the kitchen, fencing into space with the knife he holds in his hand. He had behaved very strangely mainly in the last three weeks, but the problems started approximatelly half a year before. His parents were very worried about him. This does not look like normal manifestations of puberty and adolescence. Will you handle Viktor's case?

author: Dr. Isabel Hernández Otero, Director of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry University Hospital Virgen de la Victoria Málaga (Spain), publicated: 10.03.2022

A nineteen-year-old young man who has lost his zest for life

Intro picture

Richard grows up as a healthy boy. All turns around at sixteen years of his age, though. He stops interacting with his peers, withdrawing into himself. When he comes to your office three years later, his difficulties are great. "They urge me to go home and stab my father," he says, referring to the beings he feels inside his body. Richard needs your helping hand.

author: Doc. MUDr. Dana Končelíková, Ph.D. Psychiatric Clinic, University Hospital in Olomouc, publicated: 11.11.2021